Happy Clients


Our company was receiving 125+ referral call messages per week from field agents identifying possible sales leads. We hired Bill's company to transcribe these referrals for us each week to have an easy way to quantify, qualify and then distribute each lead. The work submitted by Bill's team was always accurate and on-time. If we have need of transcription services again, I would definitely recommend The Last Word.

Linda Grus. Service Rewards Administrator.
Johnson Controls, Inc.
Milwaukee, WI

Bill's work was significant for Vernal Management Consultants, LLC. We engaged him a number of times with appreciation for the quality of his work.

Bill produced reports from surveys, evaluating a CEOs competencies and performance. The parameters included competencies (~7), performance metrics (~3), and objectives (~17) with multiple benchmarks.

Our assignment required reports that made the texts and numeric scores transparent to the CEO, his board of directors, and his staff.

Bill's work exceeded our expectations. His grasp of the material and his presentation style were minimalist and classic.

Karen A. Vernal. President.
Vernal Management Consultants, LLC
Milwaukee, WI


I have been working with Bill since circa 2006. I will first comment in one word to describe his working with and for me "professionalism." As an attorney where perfection is the goal, his consistent professionalism has served my clients and my firm well. Further, with my encouragement and gratitude, he at times functions as a kind of editor. He picks up grammar, awkward phrases, and confusing language which assists my writing. He does this work in an appropriate manner without overdoing this help. Thank you, Bill, for decades of help.

Curry First. Retired Attorney.
Asheville, NC

The Last Word worked on two documents for me. The first one was a book review in 2014, and the other an interview in 2015. I was very satisfied with both jobs, which were done in a timely manner.

As for the book review, I wanted it to be perfect and asked The Last Word to check for spelling and solecisms, which they did to a T. The interview was a long recording of 99 minutes, and it was done with a South African author whose accent and occasional regionalisms were unfamiliar to me.

The Last Word rose to the challenge and did a terrific job: the transcription was very accurate and very helpful. Last but not least, considering the time and difficulty both jobs required, the fee was remarkably affordable. I have absolute confidence in The Last Word, and I will ask for their help again in the future.

Prof. Raphaël Lambert, Ph.D.
Kansai University, Faculty of Letters.
 Dept. of British and American Cultural Studies.
Osaka, Japan