Media Production Support


Transferring Media Into Text


Broadcast Support Transcription Services

  • Audio and Video Speech-to-Text Transcription Services: support for your audio and video editors preparing Television and Radio segments, from production to final product


Audio & Video Speech-to-Text Media Transcription Services

  • Time-Stamped transcription available
  • Secure large file transfers (FTP)
  • DVD, CD, VHS, computer file transcription
  • Digital Audio and Video File Speech-to-Text Transcription


Corporate Media Transcription Services

  • Advertising, Marketing and Informative Audio and Video Speech-to-Text Transcription

Audio and video transcriptions serve to improve the ease of video production and editing. Because reading a transcript is faster than watching or listening, media transcriptions save time and effort for the entire video production team. iTranscribe can provide time-coded media transcriptions, so the producer and audio/video editor can quickly identify where to cut and paste particular segments, streamlining the video production process. Need B-roll notes? We have you covered. Our speech-to-text media transcription services can be as detailed as you like. If you have a preferred format, just let us know.

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Video production transcription support for:

ABC News TVIt Takes a Miracle

ABC News TVThe Future of War

National Geographic TVRescue Dogs

National Geographic TV

The Justice Project: The Empty Chair: Death Penalty Yes or No

Public Affairs Television: Bill Moyers on Addiction: Close to Home

ABC-TV, Episode 53: Turning Point: Hard Ball: The Doc and Darryl Story

PBS: Frontline: Does America Still Work?

The Papp (New York City Theatre) Project, a video dedicated to Joseph Papp.

Lloyd Healey at the Bonneville Salt Flats. Reference only: media not found.

Media clients that have chosen The Last Word for media production support: 

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