Law: Audio/Video Transcription Services


Over 25 Years Transcribing for Justice Professionals.


Hearings, Transcription Service

  • Parole Revocation Hearing

  • Municipal Court Hearing

  • Equal Rights Hearing

  • Unemployment Hearing

  • Bankruptcy Hearing

  • Workers’ Compensation Hearing

  • Harassment Hearing

Surveillance, Transcription Service

  • Wired Conversation

  • Wire Tap

  • Private Detective Agency Surveillance

  • Discrete Digital Recorder Audio

Recorded Public Meetings, Transcription Service

  • Board Hearing

  • Commission Meeting

  • Tax Assessment Appeals Hearing

Depositions, Transcription Service

  • Recorded Court Hearing

  • Trial

  • Arbitration Hearing

  • Witness Testimony

  • Interrogations

  • Child-Social Worker Conversation


Interrogation & Interviews, Transcription Service


  • Police Interrogation

  • Safe Harbor Interview

  • Detective Interview

  • Insurance Claims Interview



Certified Transcripts

Objectivity is essential to Justice Professionals and their transcripts. Our transcripts are certified, ready for your negotiations or court hearings.

I certify

  • our media source

  • my signature

  • my professional qualification,

  • the standard I set is highest standard of the legal practice,

  • that I am neither a party to the case nor do I have an interest, be it financial or personal, and finally,

  • that I was not present when the recording was made.

To ensure the confidentiality and the integrity of the transcript, I deliver a bound, certified copy. A PDF copy of the transcript is available upon request. Notarized certification is attached to the printed transcript.

I have the experience to measure up to the highest legal standards.

Please Contact me for more information or to start a project.

Courts, Attorneys, Police and Public Defenders have chosen to work with us:

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