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Your creative agency works as a team to learn from key voices (interviews and focus groups) the perceptions, attitudes and revealing opinions about your client's mission, products, services, and ideas. By providing accurate and detailed focus group transcription services, we work as part of your team; we provide a tool to streamline your editorial process.  Our part is to present text that represents as closely as possible what a voice reveals.

Transcription Options - you decide: 

Would you like us to include filler words (“um,” “you know”) and stutters? How about background noises like hiccups and laughs? We do not edit, as our policy is fidelity to the voice, but we can be as thorough as you require in terms of background conversation, noises and filler words.

You will know what the voice sounded like when you read our transcript. While, of course, we listen carefully to identify and distinguish each individual voice by name, whenever possible, we never guess, as that may mislead your editor and skew the interpretation of your results.

Need your speech-to-text transcription in a preferred WORD layout? No problem! Just send us a sample.

Need time codes? Just ask.

Your Task: Make the Recording

Remember: The key to an excellent focus group transcription lies in the quality of the recording.  It is your task, but even there we offer help.

Please Contact Us in advance of your focus group or interview event and we’ll provide handy tips and tricks we’ve learned over the years to ensure you get the best recording results possible. 

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