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Bill's team ... took on the challenge and transcribed about 90 hours of challenging audio in a very accurate and timely way....


...The work submitted by Bill's team was always accurate and on-time....


This service has been vital in completing my project ... iTranscribe has been an invaluable asset in my work on a book....


...Bill's work exceeded our expectations. His grasp of the material and his presentation style were minimalist and classic....

~~~ word to describe his working with and for me "professionalism"....


...The Last Word rose to the challenge and did a terrific job: the transcription was very accurate and very helpful... the fee was remarkably affordable....


How I Work

I promise highest quality audio transcription service, guaranteed.

I am professional, on time, confidential and efficient.

For 25 years, I’m still passionate about providing the best, most accurate audio transcripts at a competitive price, tailored to your specifications. Why?

I love working with spoken English. The world’s variety of English voices are music to my ears. >>>


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My work has been trusted by hundreds of businesses and organizations I provide:

Focus Group Transcription Services
Interview Transcripts,
Legal Transcripts,
Media Transcription Services,
University - Public Health & Academic Research Transcription Services,
Business, Personal & Family legacy Transcription.

Whether it's a meeting or a memoir, learn how I can serve your business or
organization, so >>>

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