Legal Speech-to-Text Transcription Services


Experienced. Transcribing for Courts, Police, Attorneys, Victims, Defendants.


Hearing Transcription Service

  • Parole Revocation Hearing
  • Municipal Court Hearing
  • Equal Rights Hearing
  • Unemployment Hearing
  • Bankruptcy Hearing
  • Workers’ Compensation Hearing
  • Harassment Hearing

Surveillance Transcription Service

  • Wired Conversation
  • Wire Tap
  • Private Detective Agency Surveillance
  • Discrete Digital Recorder Audio

Recorded Public Meeting Transcription Service

  • Board Hearing
  • Commission Meeting
  • Tax Assessment Appeals Hearing

Deposition Transcription Service

  • Recorded Court Hearing
  • Trial
  • Arbitration Hearing
  • Witness Testimony
  • Interrogations
  • Child-Social Worker Conversation


Interrogation & Interview Speech-to-Text Transcription Service


  • Police Interrogation
  • Safe Harbor Interview
  • Detective Interview
  • Insurance Claims Interview


Certified Transcripts. When it comes to Speech-to-Text legal transcriptions, we know objectivity is of utmost importance. That’s why we take to heart the court's condition of notarized court-ready transcription certification. Each notarized statement identifies our media source, states that we are professionals who work at the high standards of the Law, that we are neither a party to the case nor do we have an interest, be it financial or personal, and finally, that we were not present when the recording was made.


We always deliver a bound, certified copy to ensure confidentiality and the integrity of each speech-to-text transcription. A PDF copy of the transcript is available upon request.

Whether your legal transcription needs are project-based or ongoing, iTranscribe is the experienced and accurate choice for law and justice professionals.

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Courts, Attorneys, Police and Public Defenders have chosen to work with us:

Law Offices of Scott Anderson  ●  Boyle Boyle & Boyle SC  ●  Cabranes Law Offices  ●  Cannon & Dunphy SC  ●  Crivello Carlson, SC  ●  Cross Law Firm  ●  Municipal Court of Cudahy  ●  D'Angelo & Jones, LLP  ●  Davis & Kuelthau SC  ●  Disability Rights Wisconsin  ●  Michael F. Dubis, SC  ●  Law Office of Peter Earle LLC  ●  Ira Epstein  ●  Federal Defender Services of Wisconsin  ●  Flanagan Law Office, LLC  ●  Borgelt Powell Peterson & Frauen SC  ●  Friebert Finerty & St. John SC  ●  Gimbel Reilly Guerin Brown, LLP  ●  Law Office of Christopher M. Glinski  ●  Godfrey & Kahn, SC  ●  Hartman Law Office, LLC  ●  Hawks Quindel Ehlke & Perry SC  ●  Heins Law Office, LLC  ●  Law Office of Robert Henak  ●  Hippenmeyer, Reilly, Moodie & Blum, SC  ●  Hupy & Abraham SC  ●  Hurley Burish & Stanton, SC  ●  Jeffrey S. Hynes Associates, SC  ●  Kasdorf, Lewis & Swietlik, SC  ●  Thomas J. Kasen, Attorney  ●  Joseph R. Kennedy, Attorney  ●  State Public Defender's Offices Kenosha  ●  Kim & LaVoy, SC  ●  Kohler & Hart  ●  Lindner Marsack SC  ●  Litchfield Cavo, LLP  ●  Littler Mendelson, PC  ●  Mastantuono & Coffee, SC  ●  Robert N. Meyeroff Law Office, SC  ●  Michael Best & Friedrich LLP  ●  City Attorney, Milwaukee  ●  Municipal Court of Milwaukee  ●  State Public Defender's Offices Milwaukee  ●  Law Offices of Andrew Mishlove  ●  Municipal Court of New Berlin  ●  Municipal Court of Oak Creek  ●  Law Office of Odalo J. Ohiku  ●  Alan C. Olson & Associates, SC  ●  Law Offices of Kimberly Powers, SC  ●  Pruhs & Donovan, SC  ●  Quarles & Brady LLP  ●  Kathleen M. Quinn, Attorney  ●  Racine County Corporation Counsel  ●  State Public Defender's Offices Racine  ●  Rebholz & Auberry  ●  Schiro & Zarzynski  ●  Schulz Legal Services LLC  ●  Law Offices of Robin Shellow  ●  Stotler & Stewart  ●  Turner & Flessas SC  ●  U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, Regional Counsel  ●  Wagoner, Falconer & Judd, LTD  ●  Law Office of James Walrath  ●  State Public Defender's Offices Waukesha  ●  Whyte Hirschboeck Dudek, SC  ●  Wisconsin Department of Justice